How Can You Optimize a Blog Post for SEO?

How Can You Optimize a Blog Post for SEO?

If you’ve ever checked out an SEO firm like Welpi before, you’ve probably already heard about the importance of optimizing your website for SEO. It’s how your site will get picked up by search engines, and that can convert into new leads, customers, and of course, more of a profit. But, at Welpi, we know it’s not enough to simply place great content on your site and let it sit there for a long time. Not only do search engines love digesting fresh, relative content, but that circulating content gives your website more authority and relevance. One great way to do that is through a blog.

Again, it’s not enough to just write a blog post without putting some thought into it. So, let’s focus on a few tips you can use to make your next blog post SEO optimized.


Research is Important

Search engine optimization companies know the importance of research before writing a blog post. You wouldn’t have put together an essay in school without doing some research on the topic beforehand, right? Your blogs should be viewed the same way. If you have something important to say about something your business does, there’s a good chance any blog you write will automatically have some keywords in it, perhaps without you even realizing it.

While that’s not a bad thing, it’s also not allowing your post to reach its full potential. The right SEO firm will do research ahead of time, using things like the Google Adwords keyword tool, and other industry tools and tricks, to find out what the best keywords will be for your blog. That means they have the expertise and experience to know what people might be searching for, and how that can fit into your blog, so more people will see it. It’s important to never write a blog post ‘blindly.’ Instead, research is needed to make sure the right keywords are getting most of the focus.

Where Are Keywords Impactful?

It’s not enough to simply pepper in keywords throughout your blog posts. While that can be somewhat effective, strategizing where to put those keywords will make the post even more optimized for search engines. So, where should the focus be? Try to include keywords in places like:

  • Titles and subheadings
  • The first paragraph of your blog
  • The last paragraph of your blog

Again, keywords need to be used strategically, so you don’t fall into the trap of ‘keyword stuffing.’ That can happen when you use too much of a good thing – search engines pick up on that just as easily, and you can actually find yourself at a lower ranking because of it.

Keep these helpful tips in mind the next time you sit down to write a blog, or have an

SEO company

do it for you. We’ll have more blogging tips for SEO in a future article, so stay tuned on how you can make the most of each and every blog post published on your website.

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